UX Design & Consulting

Digital product design & prototypes

User Research

Interviews, qualitative & quantitative studies, personas, user journey maps, user flows

User Interface Design

Interfaces, icons, color schemes, identities

UX Workshops

Corporate trainings, in-house sessions


Behavioural targeting, data-driven design & strategy

Information Architecture

Information hierarchies

Design Thinking

Design thinking methodologies, human centric design

Creative Strategy

Concepts, strategic planning


We’re creating products and services to connect users with technology. Organisations are helped to build their interactive projects, triggering innovation to thrive in the digital era. A human-centered mindest is embracing new solutions from latest scientific discoveries, exceeding boundaries while questioning paradigms in our data-driven transformation age. Bringing new perspectives to User Experience Design.

Our process is based on these methods: Identify user needs, user interviews, ideation, conception, prototyping & iterating till market fit. This approach makes sure that the desired service stays close to the needs of the user. We enable understanding, exploration and discovery of data, freeing the user to focus on what matters most.

Data is a strategic asset throughout our creative process. We use scientific insights to validate our outputs. It enables us to work smarter, improving on solutions that get it right. While the focus remains on solving business and communication challenges, we are a consultancy supporting an ‘end-user first’ philosophy. We create relevant concepts, ideas and designs that are meant to be used by people. Our deliveries are personal, contextual, i.e. considerate of local constraints, applicable to the actual user.



Every project is uniquely different and requires an original, personalized approach. Complexity is a challenge in most of our projects. As such, many of those challenges benefit from the same, refined process. Our toolkit guarantees a clear and agile approach, led by an excellent delivery team.

We provide transformative solutions in fin-tech, healthcare, insurance, mobility, logistics and many more sectors. Turning ideas into valuable, user-focused concepts and design. This includes developing outcome with real life impact, helping all kinds of ventures with new visual systems.

Pommer Design operates from different locations. We’re assembling experts and ideal professionals for every assignment, cooperating with specialized studios and industry leaders. Because ideation is never a standalone process. 

Clients Served
Proudly delivering product iterations to great clients every week.
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New ideas and design requirements are our lifeblood.
Projects a year
New projects expand our perspectives each and every time.
Focus Points
Moritz Pommer

UX Consultant


We're exclusively working with specialists. Researchers, coders, data scientists and more disciplines tailored for the assignment.

2005 - 2022
CD Award
Best Corporate Design (Hamburg)
Behance Interaction Design Award
Features of several responsive websites
Pantone Canvas Gallery
Feature of music release cover visuals

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